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Creative Percussion -  Shake, Rattle, Create

I am a percussionist with over 600 different kinds of percussion instruments all easily played and accessible to all year groups from pre school, reception and right up to Yr 11and beyond. I use these instruments to bring to life children's books, creative writing and poetry. Sounds and rhythms are added to create a wonderful, imaginative sound scape. The work created by the participants is always linked to a theme or the curriculum. I have worked with every part of the National curriculum in primary schools,quite a few schools have bought some of my sound effect instruments  because they have recognised what a useful tool it is for developing literacy. 

 I have also worked on Numeracy in schools, we have created time table raps and a lot of my time has been spent working withnursery, reception and Yr 1 on calculation, more than and less than. Schools have also asked  me to work with rhythm and pattern so I bring along drums from around the world to create African and Samba rhythms.

Story Soundscapes inc,

The Fire Children - Senegal Creation Myth, The Vikings, The Very Lazy Ladybird, Finn Macool and the Giant's Causeway, How Fire came to Earth- Aboriginal dreamtime myth, Owl Babies, Whatever Next, Handa's Hen, Handa's Surprise, The Builders, Dinosaurs, The Terracota Army,The Magic Bike, Crafty Chameleon, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The Rain Forest, Romans, The Hungry Caterpillar, Theseus and the Minotaur, Three Little Pigs, Going on a Bear Hunt, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Jack and the Beanstalk, Great Fire of London, Commotion in the Ocean, Scott of the Antartic, The Great Barrier Reef and many others.

I am booked for full days usually and sometimes half days. When working with the participants own creative writing I am booked anywhere between 2 or 8 days stretched across a week or two. This enables time in between my delivery days when the writing can be be developed. Samba workshops and African drumming are also a speciality of mine, this is great fun and simple to pick up, learn and develop. I have also recently been doing a project with Hull University's PGCE post graduate teachers on how to work with untuned percussion in primary schools.Latest ongoing project is a transitions project with 8 feeder primary schools and 1 secondary hub, we delivered ceilidh dancing and folk songs as a way of bringing people together and it worked very well.


Please check my CV page for school project list.

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